Enormous Brown Bear Wanders In To A California 7-Eleven And Feasts On Candy Bars

This is the moment a hungry brown bear entered a 7-Eleven store and started stealing candy bars, leaving the helpless clerk gazing as the business was r.ob.bed.

Christopher Kinson, 54, was working a night shift at the shop in Olympic Valley, California, when he noticed the door open but no one inside.

It was 1:30 a.m. on September 6 when the cashier peered down and saw the brown bear eating late-night goodies. ‘At first, I was astonished. “I see the door open, but no torso, and I’m like, oh my gosh… It’s a bear,” said Christopher, who is originally from Wisconsin.

‘The videos do not do it credit. In reality, the bear was 20% to 30% larger.’

Christopher stayed behind the counter, watching as the bear repeatedly ransacked the local business, attempting to secure the entrance with a bin liner and then a mop. ‘I always kept my distance, and I had the back door close by so I could escape if it charged me,’ he explained.

‘I was terrified at first, but they simply want to eat.’ However, you must always use caution. We don’t know what they’re thinking.

‘At first, I was terrified, but after 15, 20 seconds, I was alright.’

During his trips into the store, the bear comically took the chocolates one or two at a time, much like a real consumer would.

‘It’s funny,’ Christopher added. It’s almost as if it took one candy bar at a time on purpose, almost as if it had manners.’ The curious bear returned many times before departing for half an hour.

This is when Christopher took advantage of the chance to close the door.

The cashier used a broom handle to block the entrance and a rubbish bag to tie it shut, but it appears he couldn’t keep the furry burglar out for long.

‘It came in, sniffed about, then slid out,’ he continued. It slid swiftly out the door after getting the meal it desired.

‘It snatched [the food], left for two or three minutes, then returned.’ It came in two or three times and then departed for 30 minutes, so I shut the door.

‘You don’t want to become their feeding supply.’

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