Elephant Gets Revenge On Rival By Pulling WWE Rikishi Move And Farting In His Face

Brits may be missing a piece of Planet Earth this week, but Daily Star Online is here to help with some top-notch animal banter. In a humorous video shot at an elephant rescue center, two of the beautiful beasts appear to be feuding. One of the animals in Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park enjoys climbing a sandy slope. But another Asian elephant enjoys pushing her off.

In a brutal deed, Faa Mai, the animal, is sent flying by her competitor Kabu and fights to return to the top of the mound. When she regains control, she seizes the opportunity to exact a vi.ol.ent act of vengeance. Faa Mai moves backward till she is almost on top of Kabu’s face. Then she does the Stinkface, a classic technique made famous by WWE great Rikishi.

She puts her bum up towards Kabu’s face and gives out a loud, unpleasant fart. “Faa Mai loves to climb up Kabu’s hill, but every time she reaches the top, Kabu will push her down, reclaiming the mound as her own,” the rescue center stated accompanying the video, which has received thousands of views online.

“As a result, Faa Mai grows irritated and chooses to offer her own lesson.” “I hope Kabu heals after that,” one spectator said. “I’m dy.ing,” said another. She seemed stunned.” Another added, “Even elephants enjoy fart jokes lol.” A lion that had its head caught inside a hippo’s buttocks could even beat Kabu in the battle for having the worst day in history.

In an Animal Planet documentary with a genuinely horrible finale, a hyena also got up and personal with an elephant’s rear.

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