Don’t Forget Your Gym Trunks! – Elephant Spotted Stretching Before He Plays

Before locking tusks with another elephant, the animal can be seen extending and bending his body.

Ayesha Cantor, 50, discovered the elephant on her way back from a wedding in Pafuri’s fever tree forest.


“I observed three elephant bulls approaching down the road I was on, and as Kruger elephants are renowned for being fairly testy, I halted in my tracks,” Ayesha, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, said.

“I had no idea this particular elephant had such outstanding moves!”

He appeared to be extending his legs and trunk, as well as maybe some neck stretches.


“I believe it was to get him properly fired up to square up to his gym mates.” Elephants have a horrible reputation for being aggressive, but if you respect their space and learn their cues, there’s nothing to worry about. If you go too close to them, they are known to flick their trunk, shake their head, and even roll their eyes. They are lovely animals, and it was an honor to be in their company.”

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