Donkey Smiles From Ear To Ear After Being Rescued From Flood In Ireland

Suzanne Gibbons saw a donkey stuck in a flooded river in Kilorglin, Ireland, on Sunday. The woman asked for assistance on her Animal Heaven Animal Res.cue (AHAR) Facebook page.

Fortunately, Mike Fleming of Killorglin Rowing Club replied and arrived with his boat. “He was my final opportunity and phone call to plead for a boat,” Gibblings, who is unable to swim, wrote.

“I knew he had the courage to do it right away.” No negativity, just come on girl, we’ll give it a shot.”

A rope and a life-saver were used to securely pull the donkey out of the water. He astonished everyone with a lovely smile after being res.cued!

The donkey has a loving owner and is properly cared for; he only escaped from his barn because the gate was blown open by the wind.

In Kilorglin, Ireland, a donkey was discovered trapped in a flooded river. Suzanne, the woman who witnessed it, didn’t have a boat and didn’t know how to swim.

Fortunately, Mike Fleming of the Killorglin rowing club arrived with his boat. A rope and a life-saver were used to res.cue the poor animal out of the water. He immediately cracked a smile!

“We’ve given him the name Mike.” “He’s now wrapped in towels, eating a hot mash, all nice and toasty.”

“Our veterinarian examined him and started him on medicines to prevent pneumonia.”

“He has a minor amount of fluid in one of his lungs, but our vet says he will recover.”

The donkey has a loving owner and is well taken care of; he only escaped from his stable because the wind blew-open the gate.

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