Dog Loves The Beach So Much She Can’t Stop Jumping For Joy

Tofu has always been a pretty outspoken, rebellious dog, but the beach brings out her crazy side even more so. “She’ll rush around and bark like crazy,” Tofu’s mother, Ashleigh MacPherson, told The Dodo.

“She seemed to like going to the beach.” Tofu adores the beach so much that she can’t stop bouncing around for delight as soon as she arrives.

Tofu repeatedly leaps into the air, and it’s definitely a sight to behold. “People we passed on our stroll would light up with excitement witnessing her smile,” MacPherson explained.

While most people like seeing Tofu and her unusual hopping, her dog buddies aren’t so convinced. “My second dog attempted to join in, but her leaping abilities were not as amazing,” MacPherson said.

“The other dogs we were walking were perplexed by this wild, leaping, noisy, ginger fox-looking pup.” Tofu’s leaping is unusual, but it distinguishes her, and the other dogs around her ultimately become accustomed to it.

She simply adores the beach, and bouncing in the air is her way of expressing this. Tofu is happy every time her mother takes her to the beach, and her leaping is nearly her way of thanking her mother for taking her to her favorite destination.

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