Disturbing New Craze For Dressing Dogs In Stockings Sweeps The Internet   


Why not pantyhose and high heels?

Pet owners have long dressed up their dogs in everything from skirts to suits and elaborate Halloween costumes, so why not pantyhose and high heels?

Recently, dog owners in China have begun sharing amusing photos of their dogs dressed in tights on the famous social networking site Weibo, joking about how attractive their canines appear in the outfits.

The strange trend sweeping China has piqued the interest of the Sharp Daily, a Hong Kong news portal.

The majority of the dogs in the ‘doggy boudoir’ images are seen lying down with their hind legs covered in sheer black pantyhose and pointing at the camera.

One pet owner supposedly rouged the fur on her red Chow Chow dressed in black tights’ ‘cheeks.’

Some internet users took the trend a step further, such as one owner who decided to liven up the photo session by dressing her two Labradors in black leather stilettos.

Another Chow Chow owner combined elegance and comfort by dressing her beautiful white dog in a pair of Zebra print Uggs. The latest meme has divided the internet community, with some finding it amusing to see dogs dressed up like people in se.xual costumes, while others are outraged at what they see as animal mistreatment.

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