Dad Lion Crouches Down To Meet His Baby Cub For The First Time

Recently, Denver Zoo in the US shared an adorable video showcasing a lion dad meeting his cub for the first time. The video quickly went viral and won over the internet.

The video shared on September 6, 2019, showcases a lion cub playing around in its enclosure. Although the spotlight is obviously on the tiny lion baby, the moment shared between him and his lion daddy is the star of the footage. The video was released by Denver 7 on Friday, and shows lion dad Tobias, age 3, crouching down on his front legs to greet the cub at the little one’s height. People love their encounters and praise the father for his gentle behavior.

The boy cub, who was born on July 25, has yet to be named. The zoo is currently holding a voting competition to pick a name and they are deciding between “Meru,” “Moremi,” and “Tatu.”

The first is the name of a mountain in Tanzania, the second is the name of a game reserve in Botswana, and the third is the Swahili word for the number three since he is his mother’s third cub.

“He’s spent the last couple of months bonding with his mom (Neliah), dad (Tobias), and half-sister (Kamara) behind the scenes at Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo, and will soon make his big public debut in one of the outdoor habitats,” Jake Kubié, the director of communications revealed. “He’s all the things you might expect of a lion cub: playful, curious, and energetic!”

Denver Zoo runs many initiatives to operate conservation programs at the Zoo, in their community, region, and in four other countries around the world. They not only encourage people to donate to help their efforts but also have educational programs as well as accept volunteer work.

One of their initiatives is called “Adopt an Animal” which allows you to “adopt” one of the 4,300 animals at the Denver Zoo, with the possibility of bringing home a plush version of that animal!



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