Cobra Lays 14 Eggs In The Middle Of A Street After Scared Local Drives It Out Of His Home In India

This is the incredible sight of a snake laying eggs on a crowded roadway in South India.

Passers-by were taken aback when the pregnant snake deposited 14 eggs in less than an hour. The video was captured by a teacher in Maddur, Karnataka, who discovered the venomous cobra inside his residence and carefully drove it away. Unsure what to do with the snake on the road, the guy summoned Prasanna Kumar, a local snake expert, to come and rescue it.

As Prasanna approached, the snake moved into the street in front of the house and began laying eggs.

Later, Prasanna captured the snake and released it in a neighboring forest.

He took the eggs with him and promised to release the snakelings once they hatched.

Cobras are de.adly snakes that are unable to immobilize victims with their fangs and instead inject them with venom.

Female Cobras may lay anywhere from 20-40 eggs, therefore the mother snake was most likely still laying her clutch when she was transported.


The egg can plainly be seen traveling down the snake’s body and out of the vent in the video.

The vent is the sole way for snakes to expel their excretions.

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