Circus Elephant Rescued From Enjoys Resting For Very First Time In Her Life

A res.cued circus performer was seen enjoying something she had never experienced before.

She and her pal Sita just joined a special elephant caravan and traveled over 1,200 kilometers, day and night, through torrential rains, to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center managed by Wildlife S.O.S in Mathura, India.

Mia and Sita were fleeing decades of exploitation in circuses. When they weren’t performing, Mia and Sita were chained up and couldn’t fully lie down to rest.

Mia looked to fall with ecstasy upon arriving at the refuge, having finally broken free from her bonds. Mia was recently photographed contentedly snoozing the day away, a luxury she hasn’t had in decades.

As a videographer approached, she lifted her head up and flapped her ears for the camera. She nearly looked to smile for the camera… before settling back into the wonderful earth to continue her nap.

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