Cat Sneaks Into His Neighbor’s House Every Day For Sleepovers And Adopts Them As His Second Family

What’s better than a loving family? Two loving families! At least, that’s the conclusion Tigger seems to have drawn. Because this affectionate cat has decided to surprise his neighbors by making their house his second home.

Tigger has become quite close to his neighbors, John and Alex Sanders, who were happy to let the little house guest make himself comfortable. John and Alex often leave their door open when the weather permits, but they’d never encountered this unexpected guest before.

While they were surprised, the cat didn’t seem to mind at all. He just made himself right at home. They checked his collar and saw that he lived only one street over from them. Doing the neighborly thing, they returned Tigger to his home. Of course, this was not quite a deterrent to the cat. He came back the next day and helped himself into their home again

“He came back the next day and every day since,” Sanders said.

Tigger’s owners are quite used to their feline’s preferences to wander throughout the neighborhood making friends. They are completely fine with Tigger’s decision to go make a second home with John and Alex.

Now, Tigger visits his new best friends every single day, usually at least twice a day, and often comes back for sleepovers as well.

“Tig’s self-appointed schedule is as follows: It used to be just at night between 9-11 p.m., and stay the night. Alex would let him out when she would go get coffee,” Sanders said. “Now that we’re home, he visits between 12-2, 4-6, and still comes back overnight. There are days when we don’t see him, but that’s rare. We usually see him twice a day without fail.”

The couple has no idea why Tigger has chosen them and keeps sneaking over to their house for sleepovers and hang sessions, but frankly, they’re pretty happy about it. They love Tigger so much and he’s basically a part of their family now, and Tigger wouldn’t have it any other way.

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