Cat Hugs Couple After Couple Adopts It From A Shelter And The Cat Won’t Let Go

A cute little shelter cat gave Dan and his wife from North Carolina a gigantic hug, and then didn’t want to let go. This happened when the couple adopted the cat and named him Huggs.

Dan and his wife Hannah were contacted by a volunteer of Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, a rescue in Maryland, about a cat needing immediate fostering.

The 9-year-old cat who had been surrendered to a shelter in North Carolina, was in poor health.

“I took the afternoon off work and drove an hour to get him,” Dan said.

At first, he was very shy and scared when they brought him out to meet Dan.

“Obviously, he had been neglected. He let out a meow that sounded like ‘no’ when he was to be put in the cat carrier for me to bring him home.”

Dan brought him home and talked to him on the way came back home to help calm him. “I told him I was going to get him all better and all cleaned up. I pet him as best as I could through the cat carrier bars,” Dan added.

After he moved into his new home a few months, things began to change. The couple made him feel loved and he could learn to trust and love again with his adorable owners. The sweet boy loves his human and didn’t want them to go.

“We would spend as much time as possible brushing and petting him the first few hours. We got him calm enough to remove his fur mats and get his fur smooth.”

After a good brushing, he clutched onto his human with his paws and didn’t want them to go. They named him Huggs.

“I pulled him as a foster and knew the minute I met him that I was keeping him,” Dan said.

They don’t know what life had been like before they found each other at the shelter, but they know that the rest of his life will be filled with lots of love and cuddles.

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