Campaign Launched To Ban Snakes As Pets After Escaped Python Raided Home

Large snakes should be ‘forbidden’ in UK homes, according to one guy.

This week, the escape of an 18-foot-long python at Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton, went viral.

The serpent had ended up crawling over the top of a house, much to the surprise of locals, before being swatted down with a broom.


Rylan Clark, a TV personality, uploaded the photograph with the simple caption ‘Nah, f*** that.’ John Williams, 30, has expressed similar disbelief and has decided to take matters into his own hands.


He claims the snake’s escape was “horrific” and might have had far-reaching implications. ‘My pals live in Chandler’s Ford, which is why I’m worried,’ he told the Southern Daily Echo.

‘I believe it is a disgrace. I’ve always believed that snakes of that size should be kept under continual care. ‘Who needs such a large snake?’ It’s in the heart of a residential area, in a terraced house – it’s horrifying.’

John had read the original snake tale in the Daily Echo and was instantly “scared for me, my family, and other people, especially dogs and children.”

His petition includes a wide variety of recommendations for British MPs.

He believes that ‘very large’ snakes, such as the escaped python in Hampshire, should be prohibited from being kept as pets.

They, according to John, belong in zoos, not in households.

He recommends that all owners of huge snakes register with their local municipality, the police, and the RSPCA.

According to the 30-year-old, they should be officially recognized as ‘possibly hazardous to people and other animals.’

‘Some types of residences must be removed from the list of property where such a reptile can be kept as a pet: a flat in a block of flats; a terraced or semi-detached house; essentially everywhere there are neighbors behind the wall,’ his petition continues. ‘Neighbors with newborns and children, or frail individuals such as the elderly or invalids (also with animals, such as farmers), should have the right to OBJECT and prohibit their neighbors within a 50-yard radius from harboring huge snakes.’

In addition, John has proposed a fee for anybody whose pet reptile flees. He has also advised that they be chipped so that they can be traced if they escape.

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