Broken-Hearted Mama Dog Waited On Roadside For Her Owners To Come Back For Her

Dogs are man’s best friends, but obviously many people do not think so. Each day, each hour, there are still so many dogs around us who are being badly treated. Some people in this world are quite heartless, and the things they do could be truly breathtaking – not in a good way though.

A mama dog and her puppies were abandoned for several days by the side of the road. Dog Rescue Shelter headed out right away after receiving a call about them. When rescuers arrived, she was hiding in the grass beside the road with her babies, trying to protect them while she waited for her owners to come back for her. Much to their surprise, they found another one in the grass a few feet from where the mama was. The puppies were only a few days old and hadn’t even opened their eyes yet.

It seemed like the little dog and her puppies were left ruthlessly at a roadside a few days earlier. Some people did try to help, but the dog mama refused any food she was given, she even growled at them. Apparently, the dog was still waiting for her owner, and her owner only. The dog had made an aggressive growl when someone tried to offer her water and food — she was protective of her puppies.

But, things of course didn’t go well as the poor dog hoped. She lay still stubbornly for several days, but her owner didn’t come back.

“She was so sad… Young mom was abandoned with her babies beside the road and she did not move for several days. Her pain broke our hearts. Some people are so cruel,” Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac said.

Luckily, they knew the rescuers were there to help her, and she remained friendly and was willing to eat whatever food they offered her. The rescuers took the dog and the two puppies and loaded them into their van. To be sure they were not leaving any puppy behind, they looked around in the bushes, and as luck would have it, they discovered the third pup that had wiggled away into the bush and picked it. Thankfully they were rescued just in time, and the four of them were brought back to their rescue.

The dog, later named Moli, and her little puppies were taken safely to Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac’s facility, where they can now live peacefully, and be loved.

The family was now all safe at the foster home where they would receive all required care. One month later, the puppies grew so fast. They were just given birth a few days since their eyes did not open yet when they were found, but now they were healthy and could eat dry food. They made them a comfy place to play so that the mama dog also had break time to relax with her cat friend Megi.

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