Bear Found Stuck On Power Pole In Southern Arizona City

A bear in Arizona survived a power outage after becoming caught on a utility pole.

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, situated near the southern Arizona town of Willcox, received word Monday morning that a bear had become entangled in power pole wires on the outskirts of town.

Werner Neubauer, a company lineman, stated that the electricity was promptly turned off so that the animal would not be electrocuted. Neubauer then went up in a bucket lift and tried to shove the bear down with an 8-foot (2-meter) fiberglass stick. He even attempted to converse with it.


“I assume I promised him I’d help him down the pole,” Neubauer explained. “I know he couldn’t understand what I was saying. “However, it did catch his attention.” The bear ultimately got down and rushed out into the desert after clutching and chewing the stick many times.


There were no casualties, and the power outage, which affected residential customers, lasted for approximately 15 minutes, according to Neubauer. When informed of the cause of the outage, he stated that numerous consumers were understanding.

A bear has been sighted in a southern Arizona community for the second time in a month.

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