Baby Monkey Falls Into Frigid Water, Thrashes Around But Cannot Pull Herself Out

The world might be frightening, but it can also be rather lovely. Every species, no matter how strong or courageous they are, is susceptible.

Only the strong endure when tragedy hits, even if it is unintentional. But did you know that strength may come from others, particularly when love is present?

The video below features some incredible animal rescues. However, people have a minor role. Instead, we see a slew of 100% true and 100% spectacular rescue events…

And all of the heroes in the stories are animals. Some claim that animals do not have the same level of feeling as humans. Others feel they have that talent, while others absolutely disregard it.


This film, and the many heartwarming tales it contains, demonstrate that animals, like humans, are inextricably linked.


Consider this cute newborn monkey. She stared out over a bluff, waiting for a dip to cool down. The water, while appealing, was a bit too much for her small frame, and as she went in, she was quickly overpowered by the current.


She flails around, terrified and perplexed. But don’t worry, a hero is on the way to rescue the day. One of our favorite scenes is when a cat is caught beneath a home.

His closest rabbit pal is on the way to save the day. A rabbit, indeed! He digs his pal out with his fluffy body.

It’s not deep enough at first, but the persistent bunny keeps throwing dirt aside until his closest feline companion is safe and healthy! That’s not something you see every day.

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