Baby Deer Trapped In Sewer Grate Rescued While Mother Stands Nearby

On Monday, a harrowing story ended happily when a deer in North Olmsted, Ohio became trapped under a sewage grate, requiring a team of cops and municipal officials to liberate it.

The proprietor of the neighborhood Sittoo’s Restaurant initially reported the imprisoned newborn deer to authorities, according to a recent Facebook post from the North Olmsted Police Department. He claimed that the fawn became “trapped in a sewage grate behind the company” and was “unable to extricate itself.”


Officers and personnel from the city’s Service Department were dispatched to the area. “They were eventually able to work together to liberate the infant.”

Photos on Facebook depict the terrible situation, in which the newborn deer is discovered with the lower half of its body caught in the grate. Its front legs are bowed and resting on the ground adjacent to its head.

The caption stated that the police there were “camera shy,” however two photographs show the fawn being handled by another person who was present during the res.cue. The deer looks to be rather small—one commentator even described it as “extremely weak”—and its torso fits nicely in the man’s hands, with its spindly legs dangling below.

The fawn’s mother is said to have lingered close, patiently waiting for her youngster. According to the police department’s Facebook post, “As everyone attempted to aid, the mother stood around the corner, only feet away. “Once the fawn was liberated, the doe was overjoyed to be reunited with her little one.””

“Normally…[North Olmsted Police] [tells] people to leave newborn deer alone if they discover them,” they continued. However, this appeared to be an exception to the norm, since the creature required some aid from human hands.

In less than 24 hours, the Facebook post garnered over a thousand replies and dozens of comments and shares, with many people expressing pleasure that the fawn was saved and appreciation to those who helped.

“This is a fantastic story. I’m delighted the mom realized they were assisting her “Sue Cary, a commenter, wrote:

Cheryl Blevins, another commenter, said the tale made her “happy to have grown up in N. Olmsted.”

TikTok went viral last month when a video of a cat and a fawn’s odd connection went viral. Many users quipped that the footage, which featured the two creatures softly nuzzling, seemed like it was right out of a Disney film. The video has been seen over 1.2 million times thus far.

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