Animal Photobombs Don’t Get Much Better Than This Little Girl And A Smiling Horse

When was the last time you laughed hard? One father couldn’t stop giggling after seeing a photo of his daughter with a horse. We’re sure you’ll laugh when you see the image. Especially if you’ve ever been in the presence of horses or other animals who like to photobomb. One of the finest aspects of horses is their personalities.

Each one is unique, with a distinct personality and charisma. Some are prim and proper finicky eaters, some are nosy little rascals who get into everything, while yet others are clear class clowns. You’ll quickly identify those who fit into the latter type.

They’re the ones that make faces in the background when you’re trying to speak or make sounds when you’re trying to be serious. When one father and his daughter sought to snap a shot for the family album, they apparently encountered a pretty comical horse.

Girl with Horse Photograph A photobomb Causes Hilarity
Little is known about this shot, which first appeared online in 2016. However, as it found its way to Reddit, several media sources, including Time Magazine, began spreading the amusing image. The photograph was published on the Wolf 101.5 Facebook page, where it received thousands of views.

Some of the comments on the photo of the girl with the horse specify the breed, while others comment on how animals behave. Everyone appeared to love the way the photo made them feel, and it’s easy to see why after looking at it. It’s a hilarious image! “People who believe animals don’t have fun, well here’s proof that animals do have fun,” one reviewer stated. “Think it’s a Budweiser Clydesdale who enjoys having his photo taken,” said another.

Another person commented, “How sweet is this shot haha.” I see why the father laughed. I can’t stop giggling. This is a family heirloom photograph.” This had to be an incredible photograph! Scroll down to see the full picture. Bring Kleenex because this one will make you laugh so hard you’ll weep! We don’t know where the photo was shot, but everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. There appears to be a carriage being pushed by the horses, so perhaps this was at a fair or market?

This little girl had probably been waiting all day to get near enough to this special pony. When she did, it would be a memory she would cherish for the rest of her life. Have you ever seen something like this before? These horses look to be famous Clydesdales who are used to making special appearances. Perhaps they’ve experienced photobombing as well. They appear to be posing as if preparing for a close-up.

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