An Otter Couple Caught In A Secret Love Affair Gets Embarrassed, And A King Lizard Pretending Not To See

The unexpected meeting of an otter couple and a dragon lizard in an act of affection elicited laughter. Hye-jin Won, a reporter, A chance meeting between an otter couple and a dragon lizard, who were secretly having a romantic love affair in a secluded spot, produced amusement.

On the 9th (local time), the online media ‘Catdumb’ published a photo of an otter and a king lizard, which has recently been a social media hot issue. The otter pair is seen in the snap embracing each other like gum sticks and having a stormy kiss.

The lover’s skinship was so excellent that they collapsed (? ), and the males who provoked jealousy had a fantastic time without understanding what was going on in the world. However, as the otter couple passed by, the king lizard silently stared at them with a curious expression but feigned not to notice them (?) and attempted to ignore them.

Was it too envious? Was she talking to herself? The king lizard just flicked its tongue and fled with an uncertain look. The otter deliberately looked at the lizard, probably in embarrassment, while the other man clenched his eyes hard, disregarded it, and stared into the distance.

The boys’ looks elicited pity, implying that they can be seen in real life, and the three guys’ genuine reactions, embarrassed by the unexpected meeting, elicited laughter.

When the photo was posted, netizens reacted angrily, saying things like, “The response is so real that it’s comical,” “It’s evident that they’re ashamed of each other,” “The otter pair is so nice,” “The dragon must have been uncomfortable,” and so on.

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