An Angry Elephant Made An Exception When It Took A Picture Of Itself

An enraged elephant made an exception when it took a photograph of itself, smashing hundreds of pounds in camera equipment.

The seven-ton bull elephant flung the gadget into the muck pit after noticing it near his watering hole.

Photographer Paul Souders was attempting to photograph a close-up of a herd of bulls in Botswana’s Chobe National Park when the massive beast struck. The hefty lesson, however, did not discourage the American, who went through numerous expensive cameras ranging from £395 to £3,945.

He explained, “Elephants are clever and curious creatures, so I wasn’t shocked when he tested the camera with his trunk, softly sniffing it.” But it was his complete disdain and scorn when he picked it up and hurled it that wounded my sentiments a little.”

‘If I had to guess, he’s simply angry that this ridiculous, undulating thing is in the middle of where he intended to drink,’ he added. Mr. Souders also installed cameras in Nxai Pan National Park and Makgadigadi Pans National Park’s Botete River.

He placed them near the drinking holes, predicting where the elephants would go based on previous experience.
The camera was then remotely operated by the 52-year-old guy from a truck 30-50 meters away. ‘Maybe someone is foolish enough to lie down in a muddy pool and attempt to photograph elephants from five feet away – but I’m not that man anymore,’ said Mr. Souders of Seattle.

‘So I set up the cameras and let them take the risk.’ All of these are commercially available gadgets that anyone may afford. All you have to do is be willing to watch it destroyed.

‘It’s a Buddhist trait I accidentally developed late in life, avoiding ties to material things.’

Mr. Souders was able to fix all of his damaged cameras following the trip, but he said, ‘Next time I do this, I’ll prepare a bit better and keep my cameras in a waterproof container.’

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