Amazing Dog Born Without Back Legs Balances On Front Paws And Runs To Her Owner

A dog that was abandoned after being born with only two legs has learned to walk on her two front paws.


Putol, a six-year-old dog born with a d.e.for.m.ity, is now frequently seen roaming with other canines and exploring the streets of Casiguran, Quezon City, Philippines.

Putol, which translates to ‘chopped’ in the Tagalog language of Luzon, can now balance on her own thanks to the assistance of her owner Danilo Codilego Jr. The canine, who is a big hit in the neighborhood because of her bravery and zest for life, came into Mr Codilego’s life when a coworker from his former job showed up with four puppies.

‘We met six years ago,’ said Mr Codilego, a truck driver. I was working at a bakery at the time. One day, a coworker showed in with four pups. He was attempting to sell them for 5000 pesos (£115) each. The other puppies were gone, but no one wanted the miserable two-legged Putol.

‘They didn’t expect her to survive long.’ I was the only one who had the fortitude to care for her. We took our chances because we felt sorry for her.’ We couldn’t think of anything else than Putol.’


Putol struggled to walk for the first two years of her life, but the canine quickly learned to support herself on her front legs.

Mr Codilego’s residence is now frequently guarded by the six-year-old dog, who is fiercely protective of her master.


‘Putol acts like a guard dog, barking when a stranger approaches,’ Mr Codilego remarked.


‘She also becomes envious when I pay attention to another dog.’ Otherwise, she is a kind and well-liked member of the community.

‘She has no problems when I have to travel for work since everyone looks after her.’


‘She is not fussy. She likes the things we eat.

‘But she can’t have puppies in her state.’

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