Adorable Moment Toddler Covers Her Dog’s Ears When Fireworks Explode Nearby

This is the wonderful moment a two-year-old girl in southern China shielded her dog’s ears as firecrackers were fired off.

When the small girl hears the fireworks, she hurriedly places her hands over the ears of the black and brown dog.

The video was shot in Gao’an, Jiangxi province, on Monday, January 31, the day before Chinese New Year. As the roar of the explosions grows, the little girl is seen caressing the dog’s head before placing both hands over its ears. She temporarily removes her hands from the dog’s ears and rests a calming palm on its head before the whimpering sound resumes and she returns to shielding the animal’s ears.

The youngster, clothed in a bright pink coat, appears to be imitating her mother’s movements as she shields the terrified dog.

Ms Wang, her mother, stated that if firecrackers were let off nearby, she would cover her daughter’s ears and tell her she had nothing to be scared of.

Many animals, including dogs, have been r.e.p.o.r.ted to be by the high-pitched sound of firecrackers. Last year, were forced to break through a wall in a Chinese apartment to free a dog that became trapped while attempting to hide from the sounds of a firework.

Neighbors assumed the dog, which belonged to a local, had been scared by the joyous bangs, but no one knew how it had gotten into the enclosed partition.

The event occurred on February 13, during the Chinese, or Lunar, New Year celebrations.

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