Adorable Moment Feisty Impala Shows Off In Front Of Elephant By Launching Itself Into Air

An adorable photo shows an impala showing off to a nearby elephant by jumping into the air.

Janet Kleyn, 52, captured the remarkable photograph of an impala – a medium-sized antelope – in Botswana’s Mashatu Game Reserve.

According to the wildlife photographer, she was sitting in an underground camera hide when she noticed an elephant approaching the pond and prepared to capture it.

“The impala was drinking out to the left when it suddenly leaped into my lens and I got the photo,” she explained.

Impalas may jump up to three meters in height when, according to the wildlife photographer.

“The impalas’ jumping is regarded to be a manner of showing off and showcasing their power and aptitude to the invader,” she explained.


“He’d just gotten sight of him as he approached the sea.

“There was no hint of aggressiveness from the elephant toward the impala.” It’s not the first time a wildlife photographer in Botswana has recorded an incredible moment in nature.

Last year, a protective mother elephant was seen lifting her newborn calf back on its feet after it fell during its first few unsteady steps.

Charl Stols, 39, a picture host with Pangolin Photo Safaris, spotted the adorable interaction while on a boat excursion on Botswana’s Chobe River.

The new family, consisting of a mother and two children, was spotted walking to the river for a drink when the tiniest calf fell many times at the water’s edge.
Fortunately, mom was nearby and can be seen lovingly raising her darling youngster back up with her trunk and her feet.

“It was a very amazing experience,” Charl commented after seeing the elephants communicate for around 40 minutes. We have a lot of elephants in Chobe, but that was the youngest one I’d ever seen.

“It was a moving experience to witness the mother gently leading him and then to see the young calf swim.”

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