Absolutely Purrfect Kittens That Deserve The Title Of “Kitten Of The Year”

Sometimes it seems to us that cats are creatures from a completely different planet. For example, their constant desire to crawl into any box they can find makes scientists think that cats might actually be liquid and not solid. They are sometimes so weird that we think they are creatures from completely different planets. So it’s no wonder that our furry friends never stop amazing us with their looks and actions.

But no matter what they do, they are still our great furry friends. Why? because why not? After all, cats are our overlords and deserve all the attention they get. So scroll below and take a lot at some of the most amazing images of our furry friends.

“My cat always does this for no reason.”

This is what true love looks like.

“My cats are all hunting a moth.”

When you realize your body is gone.

Why get out of the fence when you can rest on it?

It’s all adorable and cute until you look at all the fur lying about.

Has the kitty finally charged to a 100% battery?

Me in pictures vs me at home playing games.

When you hear the stupid name your parents gave you.

The kitten of the year 🐱😍



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