A Loyal Dog Protected His Owner and Willing to Do Anything to Guard his Master

Once a dog forms a close relationship with a caring owner, its loyalty can be unbreakable, and it will stick with its owner through thick and thin. And unlike us, dogs don’t pass judgment on people who are down on their luck or homeless. What this dog did is a great demonstration of loyalty and the images and video have gone viral.

‎In ‎‎Colombia,‎‎ a man was caught lying in the middle of the street obstructing the transit of vehicles‎.

The state of his health was unknown, but he was lying on the ground, presumably immersed in a deep sleep, but he was not alone, his best friend was there willing to take care of him.

His dog accompanied him the whole time and extraordinarily protected him. The dog’s owner was drunk and did not know where he was, nevertheless, the loyal dog stayed with him.

Most likely, he thought he was in his bed sleeping peacefully to recover, unknowing that he was lying on the street passed out and there were vehicles on the road desperate to pass.

No one could approach the man because the dog growled furiously to protect him, and the fur baby was willing to do anything to guard the life of his master and friend, as he could see anyone who was around as a threat.

The dog would lie on his owner, hug him with his paws, lick him and try to wake him up, but he did not allow anyone else to touch him, he knew that his condition was totally vulnerable and wanted him to be safe.

After several minutes have passed, the man began to move and someone took off the bicycle helmet that he was wearing to rest his head on the pavement without the dog noticing because he had focused his attention on the police officer.

Finally, the man woke up, raised his head, and patted his dog to express his appreciation.

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