A Dog Who Is Unable To Walk And Little Dove Who Is Unable To Fly Create An Endearing Connection

This dynamic duo is winning hearts across social media since photos of their sweet friendship went viral this week.

When a relationship is genuine, no obstacle can stand in the way, regardless of size, age, species, or whether one of the two friends has wings. Both an acute Chihuahua dog and a ʜᴀɴᴅɪᴄᴀᴘᴘᴇᴅ dove have formed the strongest of friendships.

Lundy, a two-month-old Chihuahua who has trouble walking due to ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ to his spinal cord, was taken in by the Mia Foundation in New York last month. Lundy, a two-month-old chihuahua was taken in by the Mia Foundation in New York after his breeder noticed he was struggling to walk. Herman is a naughty pigeon that can’t fly. Sue Rogers, founder, and owner of the foundation says it’s not an unusual case for her. She takes in injured animals and animals with birth ᴅᴇꜰᴇᴄᴛs all the time.

“Our main goal is to take in animals born with birth ᴅᴇꜰᴇᴄᴛs. But people also bring us injured birds and squirrels sometimes.” That explains how Herman came to the center.


The two creatures first met a month ago at the MIA Foundation, a New York-based animal rescue organization. The pigeon was the first to come to the refuge, after being discovered on the ground outside a car dealership a few years ago. This adorable bird is unable to fly due to wing ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ.

Herman and Lundy, a pigeon that can’t fly and a chihuahua puppy that can’t walk, have formed a fast friendship by becoming snuggle buddies at a rescue center. Sue Rogers explained that they first met when she ” set Herman on a dog bed and started caring for Lundy, and I decided to carefully put Lundy in the same dog bed next to him. They started interacting immediately in a charming way.” The two have been inseparable ever since and love to spend time snuggled up on their favorite fluffy blanket.

It seems that Lundy will have to skip all the usual puppy activities for a little while longer and stick to his favorite current hobby of hanging out with Herman for a while. “Lundy weighs only one pound now, so we will have to wait for the chair.”

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