500-Pound Black Bear Relocated From Greeneville To Cherokee National Forest

This week saw the relocation of a large black bear at Tusculum University by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

According to the TWRA, a 500-pound black bear residing near Tusculum University in Greeneville had gotten acclimated to human and artificial diets and was transported to a distant part of the Cherokee National Forest.

Wildlife Sgt. David Carpenter said the bear had been in the neighborhood for a few years and had regular access to rubbish, birdseed, and pet food.

Last year, the enormous bear increased its activities and property destruction.

Wildlife officers opted to catch it and then relocate it owing to the increased risk of unfavorable encounters.

They were unsuccessful, however, as the bear modified its migratory pattern.

Officers Ryan Rosier, Austin Wilson, and Sgt. Carpenter spotted the bear in a small unoccupied timber lot and were able to free-range tranquilize it due to recent activity.

Due to the bear’s size, they requested the aid of the Greeneville Fire Department in moving it to the transport cage.

“They were happy to assist and were able to use some of their specialist equipment to hasten the procedure,” the TWRA stated in a statement.

“TWRA is really grateful for their assistance.”

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