Little Boy’s Slipper Falls Down A Hill, Kind Duck Retrieves It

Myla Aguila was enjoying a walk near her house, minding her own business when she spotted something that caused her to come to a halt.

A boy’s shoe had fallen down a hill, and a large white duck was attempting to return it to him. Fortunately, Myla had her phone with her and recorded the entire encounter on a hilarious video.

According to the footage, the youngster could have obtained his footwear on his own. The duck, on the other hand, was determined to complete the random act of kindness, so the kid entertained the wise bird.

However, it was not as simple as it seems. Even though the hill was little, it was a difficult obstacle for the duck’s tiny feet. Regardless, it continued. Throughout the footage, it appeared like the duck understood exactly what it was doing. And it’s possible.

Researchers discovered that even young ducklings may have ideas that are usually associated with primates and other highly sophisticated creatures. Ducks, for example, surpass apparently “smarter” animal species in several elements of abstract reasoning.

And they don’t take long to get there. Researchers claimed in a recent study that the cute clever creatures grasp concepts like “same” and “different,” retain them and can even apply them to never-before-seen items with no social cues or instruction.

Check out the video below to see this sweet duck in action. Myla couldn’t resist snapping a shot with the feathery gentleman after capturing it. The kindness of this duck astounded everyone.

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