10+ Sleepy Kittens Doing What They Do Best – Sleep

Kittens are a bit different to puppies and human babies in that they’ll generally spend most of their day away.

Cats normally sleep 16 hours a day, but kittens and senior cats can sleep for as much as 18 hours a day. Kittens prefer to sleep snuggled up to you, another animal or even a warm blanket as they are used to napping cuddled up with their brothers and sisters.

Nothing is more adorable than a sleeping cat. When they sleep, like in these pictures, we’re sure you’ll agree they’re darned cute, and we’re sure you’ll say “awww.”

1. Baby wigglefloof

2. That’s the best use for those shoes in my book! :3
3. Safe and warm. Luffly.

4. Those ears :’33

5. Cute book mark. Don’t close the book!

6. Adorable

7. I feel this way too now….awww tired

8. Sleeping Kitties

9. Sleeping With A Friend

10. aww … my heart

11. The successful hunter is a patient one

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