10+ Photos Which Proves That Animals Also Have Feelings Like Humans – Dog Stories

Sometimes I hear people saying that animals are just animals, that they don’t have feelings like we humans do, and that we should treat them just like beasts. The right answer can be given only by those who live very close to animals and understand them very well. Research has said that animals also have all the feelings that a human being has. If you are one of these people, these 10+ touching animal photos are living proof that you couldn’t be more wrong.

My cat insists I hold his paw while he sleeps on my lap.

This cat wants to stay with her owner in the hospital.

Heartily happy

From small to large, this cat is always beside his owner.

After seeing this innocent face, the fatigue of the whole day has disappeared.

Morning hug

Every mom of every species, ever.

Hug me, please.

She usually takes a power nap on my palm.

Friends forever.

The cat showed love to its owner while he was playing a game.


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